Broad Spectrum Massage Oil 15-100ml

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  • 15ml bottle: $30
  • 50ml bottle: $90
  • 100ml bottle: $160

Experience this organic, chemical and pesticide free Hemp infused Oil. Produced and manufactured in New South Wales from a High Complete Body Defence hemp.

The hemp plants used to produce this non-toxic oil are grown by an Australian-owned family business on a small scale outdoor farm, free from chemicals, pesticides and genetic modification.

This oil is a hemp whole plant extract that contains ALL the goodies of the entire hemp plant.

DIRECTIONS: Apply 5-10 drops directly onto the skin and gently massage affected area 2-3 times daily.

Use as directed, external use only. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. BB 1 year after opening.

NOTE: To comply with Australian Law, the potency of these plants have been verified by 3rd party laboratories confirming a THC contents of 0.3% or less.

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3 reviews for Broad Spectrum Massage Oil 15-100ml

  1. Em

    I got my first bottle from Healthy with Hemp about 2 years ago to help me with balancing my hormones and skin issues. I noticed a difference within weeks and my skin became problem free and my cycle gradually returned to a healthy balance. I now use this oil when I have any physical pain, such as back pain and headaches as it helps to ease tension and reduces the symptoms. I love that this friendly business is based here in Australia as we only have to wait a couple of days for delivery!

  2. Lauren

    I have anxiety and the doctor’s meds weren’t really helping. I was open to trying anything and it was luck that a friend passed on a link to this website. Not only has my insomnia improved, I have a better sense of well-being and hope that I didn’t have before. A plus that I wasn’t expecting is my skin is so smooth and no breakouts! Thank you so much guys. Will be a life-time customer

  3. Christopher Bourke (verified owner)

    Wonderful massage oil makes a full body massage with therapist an extra therapeutic experience. Relaxing, healing, awesomeness.
    Thank you for such a great product!!!

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