If used as directed, topically, and due to the very low THC content (the intoxicating molecule), this is VERY unlikely to happen.

In Australia, for legal reasons, we cannot recommend the oil for internal use. But since the carrier oil is food grade, if you accidentally took some internally it shouldn't do any harm.

There's no 'perfect time', but just before bed or first thing in the morning either directly on the face or on any area of the body you would like to experience an effect.

A cool dry place out of direct sunlight is fine. It doesn't need to be refridgerated.

Hemp seed oil uses only the seeds, hemp oil is a whole plant extract. So basically, its more potent!

Not if used as directed, externally and topically.

Firstly, compared to what? The pricing is in alignment with a non mass produced product. Also, the number of man hours required to produce this product from seed to bottle makes it extremely labor intensive!

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